Lunch Buffet in Windsor

Lunch Buffet in Windsor

Windsor's Most Famous Indian Lunch Buffet

Looking for a break that tantalizes your taste buds and fuels your afternoon? Look no further than Indian Swaad’s renowned lunch buffet – a Windsor favorite! We offer a vibrant and flavorful escape from the ordinary, featuring a vast selection of authentic Indian dishes guaranteed to satisfy every craving.

Our lunch buffet is a culinary adventure, boasting dozens of enticing options prepared fresh daily. From tempting appetizers to hearty main courses, fragrant Indian breads, and decadent desserts, embark on a journey through the diverse flavors of India.

At Indian Swaad, we believe lunch should be more than just a meal. It’s a chance to relax, unwind, and savor delicious food in a welcoming atmosphere. That is to say, our comfortable restaurant provides the perfect setting to catch up with colleagues, indulge in a solo treat, or enjoy a casual lunch with friends.

Weekdays – $16 | Weekend – $18

Unwind and Savor A Symphony of Flavors

  • Tantalizing Starters: Kick off your lunch with an explosion of taste. Sample our crispy pakoras, succulent seekh kebabs, or melt-in-your-mouth samosas. Each bite is a delightful prelude to the main course.
  • Aromatic Main Courses: Dive into a symphony of curries – vegetarian and non-vegetarian options cater to every preference. Savor our signature butter chicken, our flavorful lamb Rogan Josh, or a comforting lentil Dal Makhani.
  • Warm Indian Breads: No Indian meal is complete without the perfect bread. Our buffet features a variety of freshly baked favorites like fluffy naan, buttery tandoori roti, and crispy papadum, ideal for scooping up every delicious morsel.
  • Basmati Rice Perfection: Experience the magic of perfectly cooked basmati rice, the ideal accompaniment to our curries. Light and fluffy, it provides the perfect base for soaking up the rich flavors.
  • Refreshing Salads: Balance your meal with a selection of crisp and refreshing salads. Our chefs create a medley of seasonal vegetables, offering a light and healthy counterpoint to the heartier dishes.
  • Sweet Endings: Conclude your lunch on a delightful note. Our buffet features a tempting array of Indian desserts, from the classic gulab jamun to the creamy rice pudding kheer. Each bite is a perfect ending to a satisfying meal.
indian swaad lunch buffet

Why Choose Indian Swaad's Lunch Buffet in Windsor?

  • Wide Variety: With dozens of options to choose from, our buffet caters to every taste and dietary preference.
  • Fresh Ingredients: We use only the freshest ingredients to create authentic and flavorful dishes.
  • Value for Money: Our lunch buffet offers exceptional value. Thus, allowing you to explore a vast array of Indian cuisine at an affordable price.
  • Convenient Location: Located conveniently in Windsor, we are the perfect stop for a quick and satisfying lunch break.

So, join us at Indian Swaad and discover why our lunch buffet is a Windsor favorite. Whether you’re a seasoned Indian food enthusiast or simply looking to explore new and exciting flavors, our buffet offers a delightful introduction to the culinary wonders of India.